López-Herbón Trujillo, PLC (LT Industrial) was founded in 1993 as a family run enterprise, set up by Pedro López Herbón, well known industrial designer with vast experience in the sector, and his wife María Antonia Trujillo.  Thanks to their innovative and high quality products and to their charismatic, dedicated managers, the company has grown rapidly and has made a name for itself in the sector.


Continued reinvestment in products, machinery and facilities, combined with the commitment and effort of the whole team help the company to function at maximum efficiency, launching new products on the market which are revolutionising the sector.

Under the Leadership of the second generation of the family, the company is developing an ambitious specialisation and exportation plan, expanding distribution in many countries on both side of the globe, and all with the same level of enthusiasm, ambition and drive established by their predecessors.


None of this would have been possible without the collaboration, effort and confidence of our clients and suppliers, whom we thank for their loyalty and wish great professional success.


Thank you for believing in us.

We will continue to exceed expectations.

Our own designs

 All of our products are designed and developed internally, giving us intimate knowledge about each product and process and allowing us to quickly adapt them to the regulations of individual countries or to each client’s specific requests.


We have a very organic manufacturing process which allows us to adapt the products to the needs of the client. We can change colours, logos, technical specs, packaging…

We can also develop exclusive products according to the clients’ specifications.

Made in Spain

All of our products are made in Spain.

We achieve this by stocking from several national suppliers, thereby reducing delivery times, guaranteeing exhaustive quality control and allowing us to be flexible and reactive in a way that is impossible to achieve through importation.



We have a permanent showroom located in Madrid where our commercial and technical teams can resolve any query about products, installation or sales. Feel free to contact us to arrange a visit as we would be happy to help you.

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