Manufacturers first and foremost

LT started off as a family run company in 1993 with the aim of becoming a leader in the market of industrial hygiene. From the outset we committed ourselves to keeping everything in house – idea conception, product design, implementation on our own assembly lines and being able to closely control all manufacturing processes giving us the ability to change or personalise the products as per client’s requirements. Our brands, Helsis-Matic® and Sanifem®, are market leaders in terms of quality and resilience.

Our own designs

Our business centres around a solid engineering and industrial design department, whose success lies in it’s professional rigor, innovation and flexibility. All our products are designed and developed internally, giving us complete knowledge about each product and allowing us to quickly adapt them to the regulations of individual countries or to each client’s specific requests.

Made in Spain

All of our products are made in Spain.

We source from several national suppliers, thereby reducing delivery times, guaranteeing exhaustive quality control and allowing us to be flexible and reactive in a way that is impossible to achieve through importation. In this way we are contributing to the creation and maintenance of jobs on a national level.






When you invest in our products, you invest in quality, which is why we are committed to continuously innovating, from design to market launch. We are very aware of the requirements of all our products/customers and the level of service and quality which we wish to provide.

This is why our brands Helsis-Matic® or Sanifem® are market leaders in terms of quality, service and performance.

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